Project Topics

Sensor design
IR non contact radiation pyrometric sensor for annealing furnace
LASER thickness measurement sensor for coil cutting machine
Humidity measurement sensor for fermentation systems
Fiber optic thickness measurement sensor for measurement of Tungsten filament thickness monitoring
Homogeneity testing sensor for measurement of grain size in powder metallurgy
Vacuum measurement sensor for head space measurement in seamed cans

Control and automation
Real time logic sequencer using HMI
Industrial Environmental monitoring system
Lubrication control system using PLC for Draw and redraw machine in packaging machines
F0 Monitoring system for food processing
Crane anti collision system
Programmable liquid level controller using ultrasonic sensors
Intelligent wind power generation system using Recursive Least Square algorithm
Power factor control using predictive switching algorithm

Pulmonary function test equipment using At89s52 microcontroller
Adaptive control for traction system through bio EMG feed back for cervical spondylosis
Automatic Blood analysis system using ARM LPC controller
Bladder stimulator using micro current generation system
Micro volume dispenser for hemo dialysis apparatus for dosing of medicines
Adaptive planning system for radio active attenuation profiler for Nuclear medicine for cancer patients

Pattern matching system for Fruit quality identification using surface plasma resonance
Fabrication of organic sensor array for E-Nose

Three axes positioning system for optical MEMS
Nano positioning system for LASER micro machine
Motion tracking surveillance system

Mobile CommunicationA
Adaptive DS/CDMA Receiver for Multi-user Detection
The effects of sequence selection on DS spread spectrum with fading and rake reception
Module III: sensors, Transducers, Sourcing and sinking concepts
Module IV: Analog IO, PID, Ladder programming concepts

RFID based access control system
RFID based attendance system
RFID based supply chain management

Medical Imaging
Enhancement of MR liver images using pixel aggregation technique
Reconstruction of pulmonary parenchyma tissue in lung images from CT scan
Microscopic measurement system for effective measurement of tumor parameters

Digital water marking and Cryptography
Multi resolution wavelet decomposition based digital watermarking
Mean absolute difference, Genetic algorithm optimization based video watermarking

Biometric security
Fusion of multiple matchers using template matching technique in finger print verification
Finger print verification using minutiae extraction technique
Face recognition using Eigen face method

Weather forecasting and astronomical applications
Three axes positioning system for optical MEMS
Nano positioning system for LASER micro machine
Motion tracking surveillance system

PLC Based
Power plant automation
Foundry automation
Machine shop automation
Food processing automation

Conveyor automation
CIP/SIP automation
Elevator automation