Industrial Products

PLC Based
Automatic tungsten coil cutting machine
Rotary action shaker with climatic conditioner
Automatic coil rewinding machine with number of turns and bob width control
Foundry automation for fuel pump and blower control
CIP automation for organic chemical manufacturing unit
Check  weigh system for food oil pouches
Retort automation – To control automatically the temperature and pressure cycling of retort during food processing with SCADA
Liner automation in Can End-line manufacturing unit
Automation of iso-static press for tungsten powder to rod conversion
Automation of PET bottle flake cleaning system

Microcontroller Based
Enamel Rater – To ensure the polymer or lacquer coating strength inside the food can
Pop-Pull Tear Torque Measurement system – To measure the torque for opening the Easy open ends of food / beverage cans
F-0 monitoring system  - For thermal processing of food inside the retort
Micro leak detection system – For verifying the surface defects of the can in the production line
Bust and Buckle tester – To ensure the rigidity of the Can against external and internal pressure
Peristaltic pump to dispense micro volume for infusion of medicines in Intensive care units

Video Inspection Based
Double seam evaluation system for food & beverage cans– To make measurement on the Seam dimensions such as Cover hook, body hook, counter sink, seam width, seam thickness using imaging system and windows compatible measurement software
Under fill Over fill Inspection system