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Electronic Control Units (ECUs), within an automobile, have increased in numbers and also in design complexity.

We help our customers to ensure that the automotive ECU (Electronic Control Unit) software and hardware development process.

Our design is as per the automotive control unit (ECU) product development roadmap


ECU Hardware & Firmware development

Automotive-grade hardware and software development.

Design and development of device drivers, BSP, communication stack for control units (ECU), middleware and application development.

Integration of sensors, actuators and motors (BLDC and non-BLDC) for automotive control units.

Model-based development for ECU

Expertise in Matlab/Simulink and auto code generation (Target Link and RTW).

Automotive ECU software and hardware testing – Model in loop (MIL) testing and Hardware in Loop (HIL) testing

Vehicle networking and automotive diagnostics services

Project experience and expertise in in-vehicle networks like CAN, LIN, FlexRay, MOST.

Integration, configuration and customization of automotive communication and diagnostic protocol stacks – UDS, J1939, KWP2000, OBD2.

Experience in integration of 3rd party automotive stacks.

ECU software development based on AUTOSAR 4.0 compliant

MCAL development for ECU – Microcontroller, Communication & I/O Drivers development code generation for tools and automated MIL & SIL testing

AUTOSAR Tools expertise – Vector , ECU Spectrum, KSAR AUTOSAR. 

DaVinci Developer tool for architecture design.

Verification and Validation services

Unit testing (white box) integration testing, functional testing, MIL and HIL testing