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About Us

Techland Automation is a product engineering company Founded in 1997 and specialising in embedded hardware and software design solutions. Headquartered in Tiruchirappalli, Tamilnadu, India, has partnered with clients across the globe.

We are specialists in embedded system design using Microcontrollers and DSPs, PLC based automation, Digital and Analog circuits, Custom sensor design , Instrumentation software applications and Video Inspection.

We serve for Industries on Cement, Chemical, Textile, Sugar, Medical Electronics, Welding automation, Automotive as well as special purpose machine building.

We have proven expertise in design of 

  • Device Drivers
  • Protocol Stacks
  • Platform Porting
  • Machine-to- Machine (M2M) integration
  • Graphical User Interfaces (GUI) to hardware devices
  • Embedded web and Windows interfaces
  • Embedded Linux platforms

We have designed many instruments and systems using embedded microcontrollers, Digital Signal Processors, and software for our customers.

Some of our designs are listed below


QC based system

Enamel rater ( For measuring the lacquer or polymer coating strength in food or beverage CAN )

Seaming evaluation system ( Optics and Imaging camera based system to evaluate the double seam of food or beverage CAN )

Pop Pull Tear force measurement system ( To measure the tearing force of tab in any food or beverage CAN )

Vacuum measurement system ( To measure the vacuum in head space of food CAN )

Video Inspection system
Bio Tech equipments
Medical Equipments
Data Acquisition Systems
Process Related Systems